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Satterfield Family Dental is a dental practice that places a strong emphasis on providing comprehensive dental care while maintaining a personal touch with their patients. The hygienists at Satterfield Family Dental are committed to offering their patients the best possible experience during their professional cleanings. Each hygienist has their own unique style, but they all share a commitment to providing the utmost care to their patients.

Once your cleaning is complete, you will have the opportunity to be examined by one of our highly experienced and skilled dentists. They will evaluate the x-rays that were taken during your cleaning and address any concerns you may have.

Satterfield Family Dental recognizes that many people may not look forward to visiting the dentist and strives to make each visit as pleasant and pain-free as possible. The practice understands that dental care is important for overall health and aims to make it as accessible and comfortable as possible for their patients.

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“My daily goal is to have all of my patients feel safe and at home in my chair.”

Registered Dentist

Dr. Bryan Satterfield

Dr. Bryan Satterfield is a native of Spartanburg, SC. He attended Presbyterian College and received a Bachelor of Arts and minor in Chemistry. He then attended the Medical University of South Carolina Dental School and earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine in 2003.

Dr. Bryan is a past President of the Spartanburg County Dental Society and currently a member of the South Carolina Dental Association and American Dental Association. He takes many hours of continuing dental education courses each year, striving to provide the highest quality of dental care.

Dr. Bryan met his wife, Susan, in Charleston as they both studied at MUSC. They married in 2005 and have two beautiful daughters, Sylvie and Maeve. He enjoys spending time with his girls and experiencing live music. He also loves to run, practice yoga and play guitar.